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Nevada State Capitol

Legacy Leaves

Preserving our past, planting for tomorrow

State Capitol Embarks on Comprehensive Tree Inventory

The State Public Works Division announced the launch of a comprehensive tree inventory project on the capitol grounds, beginning on Monday, March 25, 2024.


This important initiative aims to identify the location, type, species, and health of each tree within the Capitol’s historic and beloved grounds.


A tree expert and surveyor from Wood Rodgers Inc. will be on-site to conduct a detailed inventory and tagging of each tree, marking a significant step toward enhancing the sustainability,

health, and vitality of the capitol grounds. This effort will provide valuable insights into the current condition of the grounds’ greenery, enabling the formulation of a strategic plan for tree

care, preservation, and potentially necessary renewals.


The findings from the inventory will inform the State Public Works Division in making decisions regarding tree care, landscaping enhancements, and the integration of new, sustainable practices into the care of the grounds. Additionally, the project aligns with the division’s broader goals of environmental stewardship and conservation, underpinning its commitment to maintaining a green and healthy environment at the heart of the capital grounds.


Residents and visitors to the capitol are invited to observe the inventory process and take our community feedback survey below, reflecting the division’s commitment to transparency and community involvement in the care and management of the state’s shared green spaces.

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